My name is Ally Reed.  I am a Los Angeles-based indie filmmaker, particularly specializing in narrative screenwriting and directing. I have an affinity for horror shorts, dramas, thrillers-- anything that elicits a visceral reaction from an audience. Art is supposed to make you feel something. You should never leave a theater feeling content or unchanged. This mindset is what drives me, and this is why I like to be hands-on in as many elements of the filmmaking process as I can.
I got my start in playwriting, which is why my strength lies in my dialogue. My characters always serve as emotional extensions of myself, and I want the audience to feel seen by them. It's often argued that film is the closest form of media to the human psyche, making movies a tangible depiction of dreams. Film theorist Laura Mulvey goes as far as to say that the human mind has a primal scopophilia-- or the love of watching-- which makes the film-viewing experience inherently gratifying. We watch films to fulfill primal desire and to project the private and the internal into a public space to be confronted. All this to say that the relatability of a character and a plot that so poignantly hits a nerve with the audience on a personal level are the most critical aspects of making a film good. These are the things I try to focus on the most in filmmaking.
​My most recent project Antlers is now available to stream. This passion project has consumed my life for the past year in the best way. My team and I have poured our blood, sweat, and tears into this film, and I think it really shows. Enjoy, and thank you for checking out my page. 
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